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Facsimiles of papers published by PC Malone, CJ Morris, JD Hamer, IA Silver, 1976-1984 which confirmed the Premises and Conclusion of the Valve Cusp Hypoxia Hypothesis - the evidential base of the Monograph ‘The Aetiology of Deep Venous Thrombosis : a critical, historical, and epistemological Survey’ 2008 (Springer ISBN 978 1 4020 6649 8.)

What is deep vein thrombosis?

Deep vein thrombosis is the process by which a ‘plug’, ‘clot’ or ‘mass’ of self-semi-solidified blood forms in a living vein : the resultant ‘thrombus’ increases in size by serially layered attachment of individual cells derived from the circulating blood.

Such thrombus (plural ‘thrombi’) formation is inherently dangerous to the venous circulation in limbs and possibly to life: firstly, should the thrombus grow to fill the vessel, the local blood circulation could be obstructed in part or whole : but worse, should the enlarged thrombus break loose and be carried by the blood stream to the lung arteries (to ‘plug’ in a lung artery smaller than itself) - that would entail a range of outcomes from respiratory distress to sudden death.

The Flash animation, viewable on-line by clicking here, illustrates a concept of how, during long-haul flight, your blood cells may behave in, and possibly be trapped in, the valve pockets of your veins.

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